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While I personally have seen a number of unbelievable disputes take place as a result of Christmas festivities you wont believe it until you read it for yourself. Click Here Have a great holiday season.

Minimum Wage23.7.08
The Fair Pay Commission has handed down its July 2008 decision increasing wage rates for employees covered under the Federal IR system. Learn exactly how this affects you. Click Here Effective Workplace

Many employers are uncertain about what has changed in workplace relations with the election of the new Federal Labor government. Click Here to download our December newsletter about workplace relations under labour.

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Are you unsure about how to correctly employ and effectively manage staff in your organisation?
Do you need help in dealing with an unfair dismissal claim?
or want to ensure you are complying with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations?

Effective Workplace specialise's in providing Newcastle with Industrial Relations advice, Employment and Human Resource Management, and Occupational Health & Safety compliance for newcastle business. We are specialists and have a wealth of experience in these complex areas.

Our Goal is to work with you and your business to create and maintain a workplace founded on positive workplace relations based on value for both employer and employees

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