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Minimum Wage23.7.08
The Fair Pay Commission has handed down its July 2008 decision increasing wage rates for employees covered under the Federal IR system. Learn exactly how this affects you. Click Here Effective Workplace

Many employers are uncertain about what has changed in workplace relations with the election of the new Federal Labor government. Click Here to download our December newsletter about workplace relations under labour.

Our Approach to Industrial Relations

Our aim at Effective Workplace is to build effective workplace relations to serve the needs of our clients' businesses.

Effective workplace relations don't just happen. Like all good relationships, good workplace relations must be developed and maintained. This happens within the framework of industrial regulation and employment law.

While providing the range of Industrial Relations services (described in Services) provided by most Industrial Relations consultants, we value-add by adopting a holistic approach.

This is about ensuring that you get a solution to your Human Resource and Industrial Relations management needs which fits into your overall business operations and policies, which fits the way you manage your business.

We avoid isolated solutions which don't fit with the way your business operates day-to-day. In our experience, such solutions are often formalistic or legalistic and fail to achieve the results needed by the business because they are simply plonked on top of your existing management systems and don't fit in with them. They are cumbersome. They don't fit your preferred approach. The usual result is that they are difficult to use, don't get used- and you are left where you were before.

Our approach is to work with you (and your managers and staff) to devise the simplest and most straightforward systems and equip you and your team with the skills and knowledge to run them effectively.

Industrial regulation and employment law (including OHS) is becoming increasingly complex. Many employers feel that cannot keep up with the changes. They are concerned that they will get it wrong and either incur fines or costly legal battles. We will help you navigate your way through this ever-changing and increasingly complex framework. That's our area of specialised knowledge.

But knowing where you want to go and being able to find a way through is only the bare minimum. What matters is finding the best way of getting there.

It's about developing a workplace where you employ (and keep) the right people who do the right job; people who know what is expected and what they can expect; with commitment on all sides to health and safety; and where, when workplace harmony is disrupted by the problems which arise inevitably in any relationship, those problems can be resolved quickly with least disruption and cost.

In short, we aim to work with you to create and maintain a workplace founded on positive workplace relations based on value for both employer and employees.